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Dry Hopping and Trub by Jeremy
December 13, 2007, 12:00 am
Filed under: beer, dry hopping, ipa

I mentioned that I dry-hopped this batch of Chinook IPA and that I bottled it over the weekend. I wondered, especially after the first day when the hops had fully dissolved, whether I had stepped in over my head. There was a thick, foamy layer of hops across the surface and a new, growing layer of trub at the bottom. In between, there was enough suspended hops to cloud the entire carboy. I thought I might have to put together some sort of filtration system, but the hops eventually settled, for the most part. In the picture to the left, the top yellow-green layer is settled hops and the bottom cream layer is settled yeast. As you can see, there is substantially more hops than yeast, but, unlike with the yeast, the layer is loose and fluffy.

That the hops had not compacted like the yeast was a factor in bottling. Despite working as carefully as possible, I still kicked up plumes of hops that ultimately made it into some or all of the bottles. I can’t imagine all that plant mass adds anything positive to the mix. For the next batch, I’ll try filtering my dry-hopped beer through a muslin or cheese cloth for a brighter, clearer result.