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New Beer Labels by Jeremy
October 11, 2008, 12:00 am
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The single-X brew of the holiday three-pack is the Gowanus American Harvest Amber Ale.  Doesn’t the children’s handwriting scream “American”?  Like the others, this is an American-style beer.  I’m all about brewing and mastering American-style beers and so that was my inspiration for these labels.  

The label for the Gowanus Double IPA, the double-X brew, is messy.  More than anything, I think the design is just cool.  It fits the theme, though.  Beer and Olde English predate America by hundreds of years, but they’ve both been reclaimed by our West Coast.  The Double IPA was supposedly resurrected there and you might recognize Olde English as the font of choice for present and former members of the California penal system.

Strong ales, like barley and wheat wine, seem like the type of stuff the founders of our country might have set aside to enjoy on special occasions, so I incorporated some fonts reminiscent of quill-tipped pens, parchment paper, and so on into the Gowanus Strong Wheat Ale label.  This is obviously the triple-x beer of the pack.

As with my other labels, these were all drawn using GIMP, with some of the fonts coming from Dafont and brush designs coming from DeviantArt.


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This beer is going to taste great despite a couple of factors working against it. First, I spilled about a pound of grain when I went to mash in. Whoops. Second, primary fermentation was active at the less-than-ideal temperature range of 80 to 84 degrees, but the ambient temperature here quickly dropped to the mid-sixties. Perhaps partly due to those factors, my original gravity was only about 1.075, rather than the target 1.085. But, as I said, it already tastes phenomenal!

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