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American Harvest Amber Ale – Oaked! by Jeremy
September 22, 2008, 12:00 am
Filed under: amber ale, beer

Last night, I moved the Gowanus American Harvest Amber Ale off the oak to finish secondary (tertiary?).

I thiefed a taste while I waited for the beer to finish siphoning out of the carboy.  To my surprise, I didn’t notice any Home Depot-y flavors, but the beer is significantly drier on the back end.  I was intentionally conservative with the oak because I only wanted a tweak from it (and I didn’t want to have to age the hell out of it in case I over did the oak), so I added an ounce of oak chips and let it sit for a week.  I’m anxious to try the end product to really see what effect the oak has here.

By the way, the gravity is at 1.014, down from 1.045 and ambient temperatures have been in the low 80s, although in the last week they’ve dropped to the mid 70s.

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