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Hop Garden Tribulations by Jeremy
June 13, 2008, 12:00 am
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It has been a wild ride getting my hop garden live this season.

Last I reported, I had given up on the first two rhizomes I planted, the Willamette and Centennial. After more than a month, they hadn’t broken ground and, after excavating them, I didn’t see any signs of life in them. I figured they were kaput and my only consolation at the time was that I had won a Cascade rhizome in the Yahoo! Grow-hops Group that was on its way. So much has changed since that update.

The first thing that happened was a total reversal of circumstances. My girlfriend noticed earlier in the week that the Centennial had actually broken ground! It was a huge surprise and made me check out the Willamette too–it appeared to be coming back as well, though it hadn’t actually sprouted yet. The weather has been especially warm lately, so I guess that’s what woke them up. Now I had two viable rhizomes in the ground and a third that was supposed to be on its way. I quickly realized though that it was long overdue. I tracked it online and it turns out that it was delivered weeks prior, despite never reaching my hands.

So, where I once had two dead plants on my hands and one live one on its way, I had two live plants in the ground and one missing in action. I was bummed about missing that delivery, but only until yesterday. My girlfriend had more good news for me. She noticed a weather-beaten box near our neighbor’s trash cans that had my name on it. You can guess what was inside.

I planted the Cascade last night in the best, richest soil we have in the yard. I’m not certain that it survived weeks of rain and 100-degree plus temperatures, but at this point anything’s possible!


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