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Gowanus Strong Wheat Ale – In Primary by Jeremy
May 31, 2008, 12:00 am
Filed under: all-grain, beer, brewing, strong ale, wheat

The brew day for the Strong Wheat was a long one, but everything worked out amazingly well.

The only unknowns for the day seemed to revolve around volumes: How much of my pot would 19 pounds of grain take up? (About 1 gallon) How much water would all that grain hold onto at lauter? (About 2.75 gallons) How much water can I boil off per hour? (About .75 gallon)

In the end, I collected 7.5 gallons of wort instead of 8 and boiled it down to 5.5 gallons instead of 5. The original gravity was approximately 1.100, which equates to a mash efficiency of about 68%, and, after adding the yeast starter, my total final volume is about 6 gallons.

By the way, my 1-liter yeast starter packed more than enough punch to jump start fermentation on this beer. Knowing there might be substantial blow off, I split the 6 gallons evenly to two 5 gallon carboys, and, as you can see in this picture taken about 6 hours after pitching, there was already a lot of foam developing; after 12 hours, it was being forced out of the air locks.


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get some fermometer strips for your carboys!
take better notes!

-brew strong

Comment by Anonymous

I should, I guess.

It bugs me that I can’t control the temperature in our basement and, during the summer anyway, it tends to be around 76 to 82 degrees down here. During the winter, who knows. It varies.

Thanks for your comment.

Comment by Jeremy

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