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Hop Garden Update by Jeremy
May 29, 2008, 12:00 am
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I’ve tried to maintain hope that the Willamette and Centennial hops rhizomes I planted in April would eventually take hold and break ground, but it’s time to accept a loss on this one: they’re both officially worm food. On the plus side, the Yahoo! Grow Hops group rhizome exchange has saved the summer with a donated Cascade cutting. Just in time, too.

With only the most basic understanding of growing hops, I can only guess how I killed the first two rhizomes. The mostly likely explanation, assuming they were viable when they arrived in the first place, is that the refrigerator was too cold for storing them prior to planting. New rhizomes are sensitive to cold temperatures and, though the temperature in my fridge is obviously above freezing, if it happened that they were in direct line with circulating cold air, it may have gotten cold enough to cause damage. I may never know.

When the Grow Hops group cutting arrives, I’m going to plant it on one side of the hop trellis. As the first bines appear, I’ll try to train them up both sides of the trellis, at least for the first year, since I won’t have a second rhizome to plant on the other side. It’s late in the season, so I have low expectations. There’s always next year.

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[…] Last I reported, I had given up on the first two rhizomes I planted, the Willamette and Centennial. After more than a month, they hadn’t broken ground and, after excavating them, I didn’t see any signs of life in them. I figured they were kaput and my only consolation at the time was that I had won a Cascade rhizome in the Yahoo! Grow-hops Group that was on its way. So much has changed since that update. […]

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I’ve Just had Hop stress too, my WGV hop rhizome promptly died after being planted and a forum (fellow brewing) friend posted me a cutting which is starting to take hold now 🙂
And just today the Hop supplier also sent me a replacement plant FOC which is good of them 🙂

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