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First Yeast Starter Pitched by Jeremy
April 2, 2008, 12:00 am
Filed under: yeast

My yeast starter looks great. Good volume. Great color. And, hopefully, tons of healthy yeast.

I grew this yeast up from a 6-ounce starter last week in about a quart of a simple wort. That lag between making the starter and pitching it will be something I look at if I don’t reach a better final gravity, but as of yesterday fermentation appears active and healthy. The only potential issue I see so far with this experiment is that I foolishly pitched my entire supply of this strain of yeast. In the future, I will keep at least one sample set aside in case my batch of beer goes south.

Actually, I’m not too worried about that. Barry and I were talking about it last night: out of the 10 or 15 batches we’ve done since the end of last summer, we haven’t lost a single batch of beer to contamination.

Are we lucky or just plain good?


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