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Chinook Me – Revisited by Jeremy
March 3, 2008, 12:00 am
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I just revisited the Chinook Me that I brewed in November last year and it’s still great, maybe better than ever.

It pours brilliant amber, with rocky foam that lasts a good while. It has a powerful, piney hop aroma and flavor that is, to my nose, unmistakably characteristic of Chinook hops. It has a great malty backbone, medium body, and a lot of carbonation.

Did I say a lot of carbonation? I should say too much carbonation. The bottle in the pictured popped like a champagne bottle when I flipped the top. Last month, I had one that gushed and half the pint flowed away in a river of suds before it was done. I had one bottle actually explode on me!

Usually, over carbonation occurs for one of two reasons. Either the beers were bottled too early or too much priming sugar was added at bottling. The likely culprit here is too much priming sugar, because this beer sat for a full five weeks following the initial fermentation. The gusher, though, had less to do with over carbonation than it did with the beer being too warm. Carbon dioxide is less soluble in warm beer than in cold, so carbonation tends to rush out of beer the warmer it is.

I have two or three bottles of the Chinook Me sitting around the apartment. If they don’t detonate first, I’d really enjoy having another.


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I had a German style hefeweizen I brewed that was a huge gusher. A friend thinks it was a bacterial infection that caused it, even though I know I overcarbonated it (almost a full cup of corn sugar to the batch before bottling). It still turned out great, despite the never-ending stream of foam from each bottle.

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