Gowanus Brewery

Dogfish Head Fort – Reviewed by Jeremy
February 29, 2008, 12:00 am
Filed under: beer, review, strong ale

Fully caught off guard by the Dogfish Head Fort. Fully.

This is not just a raspberry beer, which was my and my girlfriend’s thinking when we pulled it off the shelf. For that matter, it’s not just a beer. I would call it a cross between a strong ale and a fruit beer. It’s basically a barleywine-style ale, but with a ton of raspberries tossed in.

A ton, literally.

The brewers at Dogfish Head added over a ton of pureed raspberries from Oregon and Delaware in small batches during fermentation to allow for “more of the true berry flavors and aromas to be present in the finished beer.” I can’t say whether the amazing concentration of sour raspberry pucker is attributable to the brewery’s small-batch technique or the sheer quantity of raspberries, but Dogfish Head has definitely succeeded in packing an unusual amount of flavor into this beer.

Bottled in 2007 and served cool, the aroma and flavor of the beer I had were both dominated by the 18% ABV alcohol bomb this beer packs. Behind that, it’s tart and sour. It pours a cloudy brown and red and has a medium body, with essentially no head and little carbonation. Overall, the Dogfish Head Fort is strong and would be great for a celebration, but is too much to get into for no reason at all.

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