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Kegerator Pours, and Getting the Pressure Right by Jeremy
February 9, 2008, 12:00 am
Filed under: kegerator

The kegerator ran flawlessly at our Superbowl party last Sunday, despite stumbling our way through the carbon dioxide regulation. Initially, as I said before, Barry turned the pressure up past 25psi and shook the keg up a little bit. That got us started off right with just a taste of carbo, so Barry let it sit at 25 psi for a couple days. Turns out, that’s way more pressure than we needed and the beer poured all foam at first. He played around with it and we served the Nut Brown Ale up at about 12 psi for the party.

The keg’s tapped now, but tomorrow I’m blowing out my first all-wheat batch and we’ll restock. All I have to say is ’bout time.


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So where’s the invite to the all-wheat biatch party?

Comment by Sean

You’ll be first to hear about it, my friend.

If you’re interested in a, ahem… bleeding edge… overview of which stage of the brew process any of our beers are at, click through your danged RSS reader and check out the Gowanus Brew Calendar (at the top of the sidebar).

Comment by Jeremy

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