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Christmas Kettle by Jeremy
January 11, 2008, 12:00 am
Filed under: beer, brewing, equipment

This is a preview of things to come!

This is a large, stainless steel kettle, courtesy of my lovely girlfriend, that I can use to expand the Gowanus Brewery operation into two new areas. First, with the capacity of this pot, I can boil a full five-gallon batch of beer. This is known as a full-wort boil. Right now, I boil three-gallons at a time and add two gallons of water at the end to bring it to its final volume, five gallons. There are benefits to be had, or so I’ve read, to opting for the full-wort boil.

Second, since this pot fits in the oven, I can use it to do full-mash brews. I’ve read that, instead of using an insulated container for an infusion mash, you can use an oven. I will bring the mash up to temperature on the range, move it to the oven set to the same temperature, let it rest, and then move it back to the range to move onto the next temperature rest.

I have to get an oven thermometer and one or two other little things before I can test this bad boy out, but, this weekend or next, it’ll get done. I’ve already got an ingredient kit to work with. My girlfriend gave me that too. How lucky am I?!


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