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Extra Pale Ale – Update by Jeremy
December 18, 2007, 12:00 am
Filed under: beer, extra pale ale

On Sunday, I moved the Extra Pale Ale to secondary. I was surprised that it was not as light in color as I expected from an American Pale Ale, let alone a beer called Extra Pale. “Extra Pale Ale,” although referring to the type of malt that goes into it, may always impart on my mind a picture of a bright, amber-colored beer. Also, I was disappointed to see a thorough haze. Much of this will settle out, but it will be far from crystal clear. It tasted excellent, though.

There are two issues that are taking shape as I begin preparing myself to commit to fourth and fifth batches. The first revolves around understanding the root causes of haziness, which, obviously, is part and parcel to controlling it. I read a great blog post on this topic recently that will probably be my starting point on that. The second issue is bitterness. The three batches of beer I brewed up to this point, including the Extra Pale Ale, have taken an ounce and a half or more hops, so I understand they should be bitter. The Chinook IPA and the Extra Pale Ale, though, seem too bitter. I need a better understanding of how the hop schedule correlates to final bitterness. I’m not sure where to begin with that, but it may be with the bitterness calculations that I’ve seen reproduced here and there.


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